Example Applications

Photonic Fiber Sensors

The illustration above shows a class of photonic fiber sensors, such as
– GaAs temperature sensors
– refractive index sensors (localized surface plasmon resonance)
– photonic crystal structures
A broad band light source, typically a laser diode or an LED, is coupled to a single-mode fiber. At the end of the fiber, the photonic sensor element reflects a certain part of the spectrum. This reflected light is guided onto a detector with a fiber optic circulator. The sensor elements works such that the spectral peak of the reflected light shifts with the physical quantity of interest.
Since the WaveEye is not limited to measure narrow band laser radiation, it is ideally suited to measure these spectral shifts. Compared to spectrometers, the WaveEye is
– faster
– smaller
– mechanically robust
– accurate in low-light conditions
OEM versions of the WaveEye can
– be adjusted to specific wavelength ranges
– have increased sampling speeds / bandwidths
– be extended to many measurement channels

Stabilized Laser Module

The WaveEye can be used to stabilize the wavelength of a tunable laser, e.g. a laser diode. It provides a wavelength signal that is accurate and fast. Suitable control electronics can form a feedback loop to lock the wavelength and provide continuous tuning over the laser diode’s mode-hop-free tuning range.
Compared to other wavelength references, the WaveEye is inexpensive, much smaller and very easy to integrate into a laser module.

Production Testing

Due to its high data rate and easy alignment, the WaveEye is ideally suited for production testing of lasers diodes.
Large numbers of laser diodes can be tested without the need for fiber coupling or precision free-space alignment. The WaveEye can characterize the laser’s temperature and driving current dependence in a fraction of the time of other spectral measurement devices. 

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